Stay Healthy And Fit

Heath is wealth this is an old saying know by all of us. If you have a healthy body, then you will have a strong and clear mind. In our life, the most important thing is nothing than remaining healthy and fit because if we have good health and we are fit we will remain healthy. Here you will get to know small easy things that you can do to remain healthy and fit every day.  You will be physically fit therefore it will also make your mind strong and clear and free from all tension. Simple things you do to stay healthy and get healthy.


                You will be very surprised to know that one of the best things to remain healthy is getting a good sleep. It is very important to get 8-10 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy. The best time to sleep is 10pm to 4am. This is time where a human can get a good, proper and sound sleep, and when he get up hen is fully fresh. Another thing is that the time for sleeping should be kept same daily. For example, if you sleep at 10pm, you should sleep at the same time to stay healthy and fit and you will never feel weak or sleepy at any other hours than your sleeping time, and the rest of the time, you will get full energy to work. The body releases growth hormones when we are asleep, so if you are at your growing and you do not get appropriate sleep you will not grow, how much you should grow. This includes various factors such as, height, brain, and many other physical and mental factors. Hence, sleep well and at proper times daily.

Eat breakfast

A healthy breakfast every morning is very important for staying healthy and fit after getting up from your great sleep. Most of us entirely skip the breakfast or drink coffee/tea instead. So, never skip it. Another thing is that many eat just a full sugary pastry and call it a breakfast; this will never help you in any way to stay healthy and will worsen your health instead. A healthy breakfast may include whole grains, fruits, egg, any digestible protein, milk, etc. You must consume foods having high fiber value for your breakfast to stay healthy and maintain your health. According to my survey, a student going to school getting sound sleep and healthy breakfast can concentrate and perform well in his/her studies than the student not getting. Please get me I am saying healthy breakfast and not those sugary pastries that will make you fat instead of making you fit and healthy.

Drink Water
                Our body needs at least 8-10 glasses per day to keep the body normally working. There is a proper time to drink water, more in the morning and less at night before going to sleep. Less before sleep because then you will need to get up from your sound sleep at night and use the toilet. This will disturb your sleep for no reason. Most important, our body is made 60% of water and it uses water perform all it activities such as, digestion, circulation, absorption of nutrients, cleaning and purifying the blood, removing waste of the blood through (urine, sweat), etc. Therefore, it is necessary to drink more water to let the body carry out all it functions well and remain healthy, fit, and never get sick. Our body gets water in many different forms like beverages and other foods, but only the pure water (H2O) is best to ingest. Drinking more water will help you keep your body energy levels in best conditions. The quality of water that we drink is very important. In many areas of the country, tap water is not healthy. It may contain lead, radon, nitrates and other potentially toxic chemicals. These chemicals have great health risks so a person may drink healthy water and not this water with chemical toxics.

Just Walk

                Walking will keep you healthy and happy and addition it will also help you controlling your weight and it is good for blood circulation and bones. You must walk in the morning because the environment at that time is sound and clean, and you will get vitamin D from the sun at that time. This will surely help you in staying healthy and fit, so make walking in the morning your daily habit. Don’t wait start from today so that you start getting healthy from today itself. Walk to the nearby places instead of going in a vehicle because walking is free and it has many benefits, this is one main reason why our ancestors always remained healthy and fit because they did not have a car as we are having today. Even if you are not healthy and fit, you will start getting healthy slowly and build up gradually.
 So what do you think, Are you not ready to get healthy and follow these tips?